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Noxtin Nomecayotzin Education Indigenizes Learning

Get to Know Us

Director, Jacqueline Diaz, M.A. has been teaching, tutoring, coaching and providing individualized support to the Northern California community for 22 years.

She specializes in Indigenous culture programming, indigenizing learning spaces, writing, and performing arts. Her studies focused on English, Sociology and Education.

She has worked with individual learners and families, CSUS, California Poets in the Schools, the California Arts Council, school districts, colleges, universities, public libraries and community centers and organizations.

Wilbert Villalta, M.Ed, is a school administrator and frequent collaborator. 

Director, Jacqueline Diaz


Working from an Anahuacan Indigenous perspective, our aim is to create learning experiences that bring people closer to each other and closer to themselves. What we share is always intentionally about the living, present, and expansive lived experiences of Indigenous peoples and Indigenous triumph. Through lecture, dance, talking circles, or one-on-one support, our offering help people connect with their heart space and inner capacity for change and growth.  

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