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Education Services

We provide a variety of programs tailored to the needs of participants and organizational goals, focusing on positive outcomes of all learners.

"Working with everyone at Noxtin Nomecayotzin has been truly powerful... Each time they come to do a workshop or a healing session, we receive very many comments from participants on how much they have learned and felt nourished by their work with our community. This is why we keep inviting them, and feel most fortunate that they gift us with their knowledge, skills, wisdom, and teachings. On top of this, they work with us to thoughtfully and carefully plan out all aspects of each event they've led or organized, and they truly listen to what our students and community members are seeking to feel, understand, experience. Thank you SO MUCH for your arduous, beautiful and impactful work!"  -Assistant Professor of Education, Alicia Rusoja, Ph.D.

"Thank you for the healing circle. It reminded me that love, family/friends and spirituality is was makes life meaningful." -participant



Workshops for learners of all ages. We frequently design and lead workshops for colleges & universities.

Our K-12 workshops are align with Common Core and California Content Standards.

Noxtin Nomecayotzin Education has a vision of integrating cultural learning into mainstream educational institutions. 


Indigenous Dance

Noxtin Nomecayotzin Education supports and works with Danza Azteca Xiuhtecuhtli, a traditional Indigenous dance circle in Sacramento & Elk Grove, CA. Community dance practices are offered weekly on Wednesdays from 6:30pm-8pm at Florin Elementary School. The group dances in ceremony and for family and community events.

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Lectures & Presentations

Noxtin Nomecayotzin Education is leading the way towards evidence-based changes that seek the inclusion of cultural studies and equity while uplifting Indigenous voices through guest lectures, teaching and community presentations and events. We present through schools, libraries, non-profits. 

"My kids got to learn about their culture and this is something I never had when I was growing up so it's really important" -parent

1-1 Learning & Support

Support through transitional times from a decolonial perspective that rests in human connection and the work you are here to share.

"Jackie is thoughtful, strategic and thorough when working with me. She has a deep understanding and commitment to family and community and shares so much vital information and skill in a supportive and attentive way that is curated to each client's wants and needs. She is my go-to when I need to grow a new project or process a life step because her flexible thinking and breadth of knowledge creates so much space for me and saves so much time. She's rooted in connection instead of the isolation that can happen when working on changes. I always learn so much and have new perspective when I meet with her." -A. Ayala

Graduation Ceremony

College & Vocational Consulting

Noxtin Nomecayotzin Education offers expert guidance through the search, application and admissions process. We pay special attention to serving the needs of Indigenous learners and families and offer equity based pricing for support.

Portrait at Work

Career Coaching

Deciding on work and finding an environment that is a good fit is an ongoing goal for most people. We want to honor your values & principles and find out how you can best share your knowledge and strengths in community. We provide support through your search, applications, resumes, cover letters and audits of social media.  

Writing Notes

1-1 Writing Support

With decades of experience supporting writers and copy editing, Noxtin Nomecayotzin Education continues to provide 1-1 support to active students and lifelong learners working on composition skills for school, college courses, work assignments, community activism or simply for joy. 

Birth Tochtli - Community Birthwork Projects

Because Indigenized learning starts with birth!

Hi,  Thanks for stopping in to learn about me! 

I go by Jacqueline or Jackie (her/hers/ella) and I'm the mother of three from 12-21 yrs. old. Parenting is the longest ceremony anyone will ever embark on and it's also my favorite. I've been supporting parents and families, particularly in the postpartum phase, for over 17 years. I serve people of the global majority (BIPOC) through their pregnancy, birth, postpartum journeys as well as the parenting continuum. I believe we all hold the ancestral and physiological wisdom needed to birth and parent in ways that work for ourselves and our family. I also believe our work and prayers are needed to care for and guide our next generations. Addressing birth and early parenting is a so important to Noxtin Nomecayotzin's overarching focus on Indigenizing learning for future generations. I am a Roots of Labor Doula and serve on the skillshare branch and MediCal Doula Coaching Team.


Jackie's birthwork is "reliable, trustworthy and nurturing." -L. Casco

Childbirth Support

Person-centered care includes prenatal preparation through two visits, support during labor & two postpartum follow-ups. Guidance to prepare for the ceremony of birth based on your own intuitive learning goals. Discounted CBE lessons.

$1000-1500. Medi-cal approved through Kaiser and Health Net Managed Care plans.

Through the Birth Tochtli Project, Noxtin Nomecayotzin Education offers person-centered support for people and families during preconception, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and the parenting continuum. With years of experience offering family-centered learning opportunities, Jacqueline supports people in the way that they need as their family transitions.

Jacqueline's Birthwork Training

Whole Body Pregnancy Certified Childbirth Educator

Lactation Educator with over a decade of learning and service w/ La Leche League

Cornerstone Trained Birthworker

Placenta Encapsulation - School of Reproductive Resistance

Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP) Certified - Midwife Karen Strange

Community Learning through Cihuapactli Collective & Center for Indigenous Midwifery

First Aid, CPR, and AED Certification

Birth Bruja Mentorship Full Spectrum Birthworker Alum

Lineage of Community Midwifery & Traditional Postpartum Care 

Centre for Excellence Certificated Doula

Equity based pricing & payment plans available. Add. fees for out of area travel.

What Jacqueline brings to the birth space is care that's "comforting, understanding, and value-driven." -J. Figueroa

Traditional Postpartum Care

From birth story processing, parent and infant care, to herbal preparations or meal planning, or bereavement, lactation support - postpartum care designed to serve your family. 

$35-45 income based sliding scale w/ 3 hr. minimum (2 hr. for birth clients)

$250-350 income based sliding scale for 10 hour overnight

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